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Landa Mobile Systems LLC (LMS) one of the most advanced mobile tower manufacturing companies to date in the United States. We Manufacture portable mobile tower solutions famously know as the “Cell on Wheels,” Stationary Towers, or Cell on Platform. Tower Heights obtained range are from 35′ up to 250′. Landa Mobile Systems LLC offers a wide range of solutions for the telecom industry. One of our company’s key features is to provide fast deployment solutions for border security, cell sites, missile launch pads, embassy’s, and remote secure rapid communication areas.
Solutions for the telco industry with our gin poles, aluminum mobile command shelters, and communication shelters. Furthermore, designing a high strength platform for climber training towers for universities and schools throughout the United States.

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Quality and workmanship

Our company holds a high standing position in the market for our durable products. We are recognized throughout the globe for our superior and fine craftsmanship. We offer the highest wind-loading tower to date with a 2000 lb tilt head load, and 2500 lb. lift. Stapled with the best lifetime warranty in the industry. Landa Mobile Systems LLC high-grade and top quality equipment expert services have made us the cellular on wheels industry-leading innovator. Both in the field of design and manufacturing of our mobile towers and high integrated Wifi mobile mast communications systems.

Tower Manufacturing
portable cell tower, Landa Mobile Systems LLC


Landa Mobile Systems offers a diverse and distinctive line-up of products that include Gin Poles, Mobile Towers, Command Centers, and Communication Shelters. To facilitate remote areas such where electricity supply is unavailable, we at Landa Mobile Systems have integrated our towers with high quality and cost-efficient solar power solutions along with generator backup systems and lighting. Apart from the manufacturing of the Gin Poles, we offer professional inspection and repair services. Service Center with the experience and personnel to achieve immediate and precise results. Our core focus here at Landa Mobile Systems (LMS) is to deliver a reliable, fail-safe, and highly dependable range of products with a warranty exceeding industry standards.
One of our key strengths is our workforce. We provide highly trained and efficient Engineers and Technicians that are experts in troubleshooting in their respective fields.

Core Competencies

We offer state of the art, most robust, durable, and well built portable cell towers that are available in sizes up to 250 ft. To make sure all of our products are up to the mark, we make sure that our products manufactured to current EIA/TIA-222-G standards. One of the challenges that any tower faces is powerful winds. Here at Landa Mobile Systems LLC, we make sure that our product carries the highest wind tolerance and loading capacity in the industry. We guarantee a long-lasting and durable product.
Moreover, to facilitate our clients furthermore, our products come with a lifetime warranty exceeding all industry standards. Plan, design, build and deliver. That’s right. Here at Landa Mobile Systems, we are very particular about delivering our products within committed timelines. Our production time always exceeds the client’s expectations. Keeping these practices have given us consistent growth over the past 20 years while building excellent client relations worldwide.

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We carry the best warranty in the industry while obtaining the highest lift load and strength of any other manufacturer Guaranteed.