COLT – Cell On Light Truck

A Non-CDL “COLT” – Cell On Light Truck designed for supporting sizeable exclusive event coverage, temporary data infrastructure, network restoration, and first responder communications requirements. Sensing the need for reliable telecommunications at remote locations, Landa Mobile Systems LLC has come up with the technology to meet this daily challenge. For cell phone service, we have devised this useful implementation. Our COLTs (Cell on Light Trucks) are a mobile cell tower that can be deployed quickly to any location with mapped GPS or off-road access. The current setup is deployable in a matter of minutes to provide reliable cellular service. As the name implies, a cellular on light truck is a cell tower system manufactured into a light truck frame.

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Going the Above and Beyond

LMS believes in making sure everything will work when seconds count for our first responders. “Our COLT equipment has a lot of redundancy, backup power, optionally included for all mobile cell towers, where we have optional batteries that will last for 7-8 hours and generators that will run on gas for another 7-8 hours, and when they run out, you can utilize your (GOAT),” and then, when that runs out we carry an optional solar panel system to get you going again. Communication is key to every walk of life, and we and landa mobile systems LLC strive to offer you the best or service backed by our Manufactures Warranty and stapled with a new Lifetime Warranty on critical components of our products.

Below are some of the features of our COLT (CELL ON LIGHT TRUCK) options.

  • New International DuraStar 4300 26,000-lb. GVWR, Non-CDL Chassis
  • Custom Manufactured Bed Frame to Accommodate Desired Components
  • lightweight aluminum shelters size options available 8X8, 8X10
  • Your choice HVAC system installed
  • Crow’s Nest Mast Support and Working Platform per OSHA Standards
  • Cell on Light Truck Generator, Backup Batteries, Solar, and more
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