Landa Mobile System LLC

Our company is one of the top telecommunication companies in the U.S., providing the most reliable networking system of mobile towers to its clients. We are the largest U.S. military mobile manufacturer, proven and trusted by the Department of Defence and U.S. Military and hundreds of end users around the world.

These towers can hold various large dishes and not have issues with weight or maintaining path alignment. Landa mobile towers make excellent permanent setups and are durable like no other. All of the Landa’s Mobile Lattice towers have the options to carry our Starr Mount System with three, four, five, or six-arm mounts available in our options and accessories section.

Certified green all tower construction, deck, and outriggers, manufactured from 100% USA recycled steel. Landa Mobile towers come with a lifetime warranty and are proven long term and reliable.

Mobile Tower Overview

  • Tower tilt base is 46″ one-piece section, supporting our complete line of lattice towers with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Motor drive units are wash-down direct drive worm gear extreme environments with moisture drain.
  • Landa design units to withstand the most severe -120 / 160 Fahrenheit conditions without failure. Safety guards in place on all rotatable components for operator protection.
  • Tower trailer’s structural outriggers have a Lifetime Warranty. 
  • EMP secure with both tilt and erection systems backed up. It is designed to operate with provided LMS key system with a cordless drill.
  • Lattice towers are 100% redundant, backed up as a genuine emergency unit in the field.


Certified Tower Manufacture:

The main body of the tower has been analyzed utilizing the commercially available software TNX Tower version (previously known as RISA Tower & ERI Tower) constructed with ASTM A500, Grade B/C Carbon steel schedule 40, (exceeding minimum 55.3 KSI ASTM) standards yield strength in building the complete tower assembly with Lifetime warranty.

Solid rod cross bracing with hand backfilled welds incorporated on the tower come with a Lifetime warranty

LMS 100% the U.S. owned and manufactured, our patented Cellular on Wheels rapid-deployment solution provides a platform for an alternative to the high cost of permanent structures. Proven in the long term, and temporary deployments.  No guy wires required to a maximum wind-load engineered design. 850lb tilt head load plus guaranteed. 2000kip vertical sustained loading on all lattice towers.

Units meet International Building Code 2012 Section 1609.1.1 & 3108.4, and the recommendations of the Telecommunications Industry Association “Structural Standard for Steel Antenna Supporting Structures” ANSI/TIA-222-G-2

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