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Landa Cell on Platform


Landa Mobile Systems LLC (COP) Cell on Platform is specially designed to withstand the extremes of any weather environment, either placement near sea-shores, hot desert climates, or extreme arctic weather environment. This newly engineered model is ideal for millitary camp placement, embassys, and other government type installations worldwide for a variety of services. Our cell on platform carries with it the best head load capacity and the abilility to reach heights of over 250'. Stapled with our lifelife and manufactures warranty you cannot go wrong with this solution.

Current Industries served:

  • Border Security
  • Military Survielance
  • Maritime Surveilance
  • Remote Data/Cellular Service




Tower on Platform Benefits


Tower on platforms are adaptable to many different scenerious with our all in one platform tower design, reducing the issues related from installation and deployment times. The platform tower comes with a auto leveling system designed to make your deployment times fast and easy.

Srategically manufactured, with a tower-plate of your choice. In a manner that makes it accessible and easy to install your needed communications equipment. Backed by our manufactures and lifetime warrently makes this tower the future leader in mobile communications.

Speed is the Answer

Gone are the days when you have to assemble communications and survellance towers on-site. These units incorporate agile auto-leveling principles by delivering a setup and erection time faster than the competition. Therefore, making them a fully-functioning communications system in one convenient package.

Classified Military Use

This tower on platform has exceeded expectations through our rigerouse testing enviorments. We are proud to add this unit to our fleet of our Surveilance Systems.

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