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Landa Gin Poles


Every project is different in how much weight is lifted. At Landa Mobile systems, we have a wide variety of Gin Poles available for any of your projects. As one of the premier manufacturers of Gin Poles in the US, and internationally, you can count on solid weld construction on any of our Gin poles for your next project.

From our smallest round gin poles to our derricks, you can be sure of safety and construction. We use high-grade US steel and back it with manufacturer and Lifetime warranties so that you get insurance along with a high-grade quality product. We have a spotless record when it comes to no tower or pole failures with a structured engineering plan in place. Our sales staff are more than qualified to work with your team to find the best Gin pole solution for your project build-out.

Gin Pole Manufacturing 


As a premier manufacturer of Gin Poles, we offer exceptional services that enhance your experience with Landa Mobile Systems. We provide complimentary add on services along with our Manufacturers and lifetime warranties.

These services include:

  • Routine Inspections
  • Repair
  • Service
  • 24/7 support

We value your business! Call today to find out more about these and any of our other tower and mobile tower products. We have one or more solutions that will fit your project needs. +1 (360) 474-8991.


Manufactured to ANSI/TIA-322

AWS certified
• U.S. AWS certified welder assembled
• Certified AWS independent plant U.S. contractor inspected AWS D1.1:2015 Structural welding code-steel compliance, no AISC association.
• Load charts are pole specific with matching serial numbers
• 5.0 Analysis and design of gin poles
• 6.0 Gin pole construction
• Roller / Chicago end option
• Metalized surface
• Round poles are not man-rated 

The zinc coating applied within a thin coating of low viscosity polyurethane, epoxy-phenolic, epoxy, or vinyl resin. The details of the application sequence and procedures found in ANSI/AWS C2.18-93.

• Gin pole operations
• Gin pole mast
• Top lifting block
• Load and tag line sizes/configuration (including use of heel block, max load position angle, max tag angle, tag arrangement.)
• Basket and bridle attachment to gin pole and supporting structure including associated hardware and sling sizes/configuration
• All relevant details about jumping/lowering the pole into position
• All relevant information of tilting the pole for operation (use of lifting a block.)
• Any other pertinent information based upon user's planned operational configurations for assembly, setting, jumping, arranging, lifting, and removal of the system
• As pole manufacture Landa, we only address the gin pole mast and allowable load and tag capacities/angles based solely upon the mast's rated strength.  Affirming the pole was designed, built and load charts are per the ANSI/TIA-322 standard. It's operator responsibility to ensure they comply with all regulations related to the operations and use. 
• Complete records of pole inspections and history of Magnetic particle inspection shall be performed on 10% of the welded connections every ten years.
• Annual inspections reports stored for a minimum of two years.
• All gin pole operations must comply with the latest revision of ANSI/TIA-322, and the OSHA CPL 2-1.36
Maintain your required documents along with the work plan. The engineer signs off for each specific job.
• ANSI/TIA-322 standard includes an impact factor of 1.7 for all gin poles using synthetic load lines. 
• Gin Pole storage racks for gin poles are recommended for safe transport, storage and return shipping for inspection service. These units protect and reduce the potential of damage from excess handling with forks.


Why are Gin poles used?

1.) Cell towers today are constructed with gin poles for safety.
2. ) The gin pole is derived from a gin, considered as a form of a derrick, called a standing derrick or pole derrick. A gin pole distinguished from sheers (or shear legs) by having a single boom rather than a two-legged one.
3.) Gin poles are also used to raise loads above structures too tall to reach with a crane, such as "placing an antenna on top of a tower," and to lift segments of a tower on top of one-another during erection. When used to create a segmented tower, the gin pole can be detached, raised, and re-attached to the just-completed segment order to lift the next. This process of jumping repeated until the topmost section of the tower installed.
4.) Gin poles, when mounted on trucks as a primitive form of mobile crane, used for lifting and relocating loads, and salvage operations instead of a more sophisticated wrecker.