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Cell on Light Truck | Cellular Tower on Vehicle - Landa Mobile Systems

Cellular on Light Truck

Our Cell on Light truck, or COLT, solution is for that on the go project or for the, “we need it there yesterday” scenario. You have the convenience of having an International 4300 with a 25,000 GVWR payload capability to carry a tower to wherever you need it. This one is for the project that can have this truck parked for a week or two, quickly setting up a radio or video monitoring equipment and tilting it up for operation fast. This is a great solution for getting telecommunications online quickly while you build out your permanent telecommunications or surveillance structure, or, if you just need it for special events, or emergency services.

This 35’ truck can haul your Landa Mobile systems tower to just about any location that doesn’t require major off-road driving. That said, this is an International and they can go to some pretty remote areas when driven properly. The bottom line with this solution is that you have mobility on a moment notice. Your crew can meet the truck wherever it needs to be placed, then the 12,000 lb jacks can be deployed and you have a stable platform to operate from.

To find out more about our COLT solutions click on the specs tab. Or, to find out how to order one of these and have them custom fit to your company’s needs, call today. Ask about our COLT solution or any of our other tower products. We have one or more solutions that will fit your project needs. (360) 474-8991. Or email us at mike@mobilecelltowers.com



Truck Specifications


  • 2019 International 4300
  • Base chassis model is model 14300 SBA 4 x 2 with 272.00 wheelbase, 204.90 CA, and 116.00 axle to frame.
  • Tow hook, front (2) frame mounted
  • Wheelbase range 256″ through and including 311″
  • Axle, front non-driving I-Beam type, 12,000Lb capacity with shock absorbers
  • Brake system, Air dual systems for straight truck applications
  • Air brake ABS, full vehicle wheel control system
  • Actuated parking brake
  • Air compressor, 18.7 CFM capacity
  • Exhaust system single, horizontal, after treatment device, frame mounted under right rail, back of cab, includes short, horizontal tail pipe
  • Electrical system 12-volt, standard equipment
  • Maintenance free (2) 12-volt battery system
  • Halogen headlights
  • Chrome grille
  • GVWR limited to 25,999 Lb, special rating
  • Frame GVWR limited to 32,900 Lb; 12,00 Lb front axle will be de-rated to 11,000 Lb capacity; when applicable
  • Diesel engine; Cummins B6.7 300; EPA 2017, 300 HP @ 2600 RPM, 660 Lb-Ft torque @ 1600 RPM, 2600
  • Automatic transmission, 6 speed with double overdrive with PTO provision
  • Conventional cab
  • Air conditioning with integral heater
  • Power window and door locks
  • Total truck weight 25,140 Lbs

Generator Specifications

  • Model: APD-ULJ30
  • Engine mkae: John Deere; in-line; 4 cycle
  • 60Hz, 188 RPM
  • 12 V system
  • Direct injection
  • IP65 rating offers increased resistance to water
  • Unbalanced load protection
  • Heavy duty steel enclosure
  • Heavy duty steel base frame
  • Emergency stop button
  • Flex fuel lines
  • Protection covers for rotating parts
  • Operations manual

Skid Dimensions

  • Length: 72″
  • Width w/o lift hook: 39.4″
  • Height: 45.11″
  • Dry weight: 1800 Lb

Fuel Tank

  • 24HR (65 Gal)
  • 112 / 39.4 / 9
  • Weight 900 Lb

Truck Bed

  • 25′ Long
  • 8′ Wide
  • 4″ channel frame
  • 3″ crossmembers
  • Needle-bearing outriggers, 12,000 Lb jacks (4)
  • Galvanized 2″ x 2″ outrigger jack pads (4)
  • Tamper proof lacking outrigger jacks (4)
  • Tube ground rod attach point holders welded to outriggers (4)
  • 1 ground rod storage tube built in trailer deck, green cap
  • Sprayed with 1/4″ line-x deck
  • 2 ea 4′ steel locking under bed tool boxes


Lattice Tower


  • 106’ tall with 6 ea section legs ASTM A500-07, A53-12, grade B, U.S. carbon steel with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Tilt base assembly integrated into trailer with a Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 sector antenna mount, custom mount designs also available
  • 5’ starr mount for large microwave dish placement with torque arm with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Tower and tilt assembly painted finish for all weather
  • 1 minute from horizontal to vertical with 950 Lb customer’s head load.
  • 900:1 and 446:1 adjustable worm drive motor  
  • 11 minutes to full tower erection with single stage process
  • Galvanized heavy duty lifting and pull-down drums
  • 110VAC 60HZ or optional 240VAC 50HZ
  • 7 ea. cable guide rings Lifetime Warranty
  • Patented derlin mast guide blocks
  • All tower sections certified 3/8″ diameter 7/19 galvanized aircraft quality
  • Cables certified 14,000LB break strength
  • All cables have been marinated in LPS3 for anti-corrosion
  • 4″, 5″ and 6″ galvanized steel smart custom bearings fitted pulleys marinated in LPS3
  • All Eco-Guard (TM) eco coated grade 9 bolts
  • Units are designed to withstand-120/ 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Tower Safety Features

  • Backup emergency key operation
  • 3 ea. heavy duty upper and lower limit switches
  • Weatherproof (locking) control panel with ingress protection IP65
  • 2 ea. switches for total deployment control
  • 1 ea. red keyed power disconnect for all function controls
  • 2 ea. illuminated function lamps for tilting and telescopic
  • Theft proof cable storage reel with grease nipplewith a Lifetime Warranty
  • Galvanized safety end caps covering rotatable components
  • 25′ full operation remote control cable option

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