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High Wind Mobile Towers | Heavy Wind Mobile Tower on Wheels


LMS Highwind Mobile Tower


The name says it all, and these towers are heavy duty high wind towers. When disaster strikes and data communications are down. You have to have a tower that can withstand the remaining winds while you restore services. That takes a tower with strength and durability. Also, having the ability to hang in high winds so that radio telecommunications can stay connected over the distances needed. If a radio goes down and the tower becomes ravaged, this is a tower that can serve your needs.


Tower Safety Features

  • Backup emergency key operation
  • Three ea. Heavy-duty upper and lower limit switches.
  • Weatherproof (locking) control panel with ingress protection IP65
  • Two ea. switches for total deployment control
  • One ea. red keyed power disconnect for all function controls
  • Two ea. illuminated function lamps for tilting and telescopic
  • Anit-Theft proof cable storage reel with grease nipple with an included  Lifetime Warranty
  • Galvanized safety end caps covering rotatable components
  • 25′ full operation remote control cable option

Trailer Safety Features

  • 1/4” Line-X sprayed on full deck and front of the trailer for anti-slip.
  • Anti-theft removable tongue. Lifetime Warranty
  • Emergency trailer break-away device
  • Full-size spare under deck
  • All-weather padlocks and hid-a key
  • Four sets wheel loose nut indicators 
  • One ea trailer step-up, with one ea step handrail 
  • Flashing emergency lights 
  • DOT and transport Canada LED lighting package and reflective tape
  • 36” steel locking aluminum powder coated black diamond plate toolbox secured
  • Decks water-fall sides add 400% to strength Vs. Flat steel welded to rail. Lifetime Warranty

Additional Features 

  • Equipped with lifting hooks in all four corners for a helicopter lift
  • Removable tongue for transport
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Best warranty in the industry and  Lifetime Warranty
  • 24-hour support
  • High wind all-terrain off-road applications
  • Can be pulled with standard 3/4 ton truck 
  • Build for rough inaccessible terrain applications 
  • Engineered and designed to meet the rigor demand of all military environmental


A Few Options

  • Lock-out kit for climber safety
  • Safety climb, for climber safety
  • Lighting protection 
  • FAA Lighting 
  • Extra reels 
  • Slide-out 
  • Safety rails 
  • Pan adapter 
  • Starr mount 
  • Grounding kit
  • Tower covers
  • Generators
  • Fuel tanks 
  • Fuel pumps 
  • Lighting protection kit 
  • Hydraulic tilt backup hand pump

Landa High Wind Mobile Towers

Cell on Wheels (COW) and Cell on Light Truck (COLT)

If you have a disaster and need to have dependable communication towers that can withstand high winds, this is the tower you need. Complete with a ¼” Line-X spray deck, and water-fall sides which add 400% to the strength of the floor. Your team’s safety is covered, and so is your telecommunications equipment. Safety and durability is our concern with this portable high wind tower, so we included a lot of weatherproofing.

Bahamas - Tower Technition - Marifer Galey

Finest constructed mobile tower we have tested. Proud to add them to our fleet.

Heavy Weather Mobile Towers

Landa Mobile Systems LLC High Wind Mobile Tower remains the industry standard. The #1 Mobile Tower of choice, for Hurricane affected areas, currently deployed in Haiti, the Carribean, with the Bohemian Government. Also, on the island of the Dominican Republic. Knowing the necessity of an RDU after a storm strike remains key to bringing your Data network back to sustainability after a natural disaster attacks. Therefore, allowing Emergency Services a chance to save lives and to combat the after-effects of a hurricane storm.

We offer 24/7 support for all of our products so that you can take confidence in knowing if something happens, you have our support. Call us today to find out more on shipping, weight, transportation and procurement of our High Wind towers at (360) 474-8991.

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