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Low Profile Mobile Towers | Low Profile Surveillance Tower - L.M.S


Set Up

Landa low profile towers can set up at any location, providing a stronger network and ability to continue working on assets. Landa mobile systems manufacturing company has designed these low profile towers which are easy to deploy in any set up where off-grid electricity is unavailable. These towers are indispensable in events or gatherings, construction projects, or other areas where night-time lightening and communication is required.


Low Profile Tower Operation


These low profile towers operate with either generators or solar energy with battery backup systems. Providing many hours of a continuous economical source of energy. These properties make Landa Low profile towers perfect choice for your remote location mobile tower needs.

LMS 100% the U.S. owned and manufactured. Our patented Cellular on Wheels' rapid-deployment solution provides a platform for an alternative to the high cost of permanent structures. They were proven in both long term and temporary deployments. No guy wires required to a maximum wind-load engineered design. 950lb tilt head load on H.W. models and 2000 lbs on C.R. models guaranteed. 2000 kip vertical sustained loading on all lattice towers. Units meet International Building Code 2012 Section 1609.1.1 & 3108.4, and the recommendations of the Telecommunications Industry Association "Structural Standard for Steel Antenna Supporting Structures" per ANSI/TIA-222-G-2.

Contact one of our sales professionals today and see how a new Landa Mobile Systems L.L.C. Cell on Wheels will benefit you. We will go over your options an accessories, custom manufacturing needs, and more.



Landa Low Profile Towers

Landa mobile systems manufacturing company is honored to serve the needs of the USA military, law enforcement, and first responders. Regardless of the need for disaster, our first responders do not hesitate because of confidence in the types of equipment they operate. Trust is why they work with our mobile towers. With hands-on experience from hundreds of end users worldwide, we receive nothing but compliments from our clients. Apart from other mobile towers, Landa also manufacturers low profile towers. These towers are lightweight, container ready, and easy to deploy at a moments notice.


Mobile cell towers

Landa Low Profile Towers

Low Profile Tower Compliance

Landa Mobile Systems, L.L.C. conforming meets or exceeds low temperature per Mil-Std-810 Procedure II: Operational cold start and Storage, High Temperature in accordance will Mil-Std-810 procedure I with solar loading, salt fog or humidity per Mil-Std-810 Method 507.4. Blowing rain per Mil-Std-810 method 506.4, blowing sand and dust per H Mil-Std-810 method 510.4 procedure II, transport shock, transport vibration, military trans-portability testing, meets D.O.T. specs. Trauma and vibration test for ruggedness Mil-810, height & weight distribution testing, braking & handling, grading/slope @ 10-30%. Steering & handling, turning diameter, static roll-over, stability & handling, and towing compatibility.

Sprint Tower - New Years Eve - Times Square - Technician

I have seen alot of low profile towers in this industry. You guys have manufactured the highest quality platform for mobile cellular telco I've seen in years.

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