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Landa Mobile Flare Towers


Flare towers are usually robust and built into the ground, but once in a while, there are mobile flare towers needed to burn off extra gasses from other tanks. We got you covered with our Landa Mobile flare towers solution. From 30 feet to 150 feet, we have a mobile flare tower that you can deploy quickly and safely, to cover your flare needs.  Instead of having to build something and tear it down every time you move a tank or operation. You can have one of our Mobile Flare Towers ready and available to deploy at a moment's notice.

This unit is a completely contained mobile flare system that you can use to secure excess burnoff needs. At the same time is a mobile solution in case you need to cover another tank elsewhere. This mobile flare tower meets all safety guidelines and regulations for Gas and Oil operations. You can take comfort in knowing that you have the right piece of equipment for the job.

Mobile Flare Tower Options

flare oin trailer manufacturing



  • Polyurethane
  • Complete trailer primed with inorganic zinc conforming to MDDOD-P-23236A, Coated with an epoxy polyamide coat conforming to MS MILL-P2441 formula 150 and urethane top coat conforming L-P MS MILL-C-85285. All tower assembly hardware is galvanized or eco HCF green coated for stand alone corrosion resistance.

Chris Powers Company Man - Canadian Gas

What a great Unit. Thanks guys for building this was easy to set-up and works flawlessly.

Mobile Flare Flame Tips

We guarantee that the flare tips will prevent flame instability, providing five different burn nozzles included for many burn-off requirements. The capacity pressure drop and emissions will not exceed guaranteed values. The flare tip will meet EPA regulations for tip velocity and pilot monitoring. Flare pilot is fully automatic w/five different burn nozzles included for many burn-off. Our units are suitable for highway travel, on or off-road and easily towed by a standard pickup truck.

This Mobile Flare Tower Solution

Portable Flare Tower FAQs

Landa Mobile Systems LLC mobile flare towers are quickly becoming the industry standard for portable flare units worldwide. LMS new line of robust mobile flare tower solutions constructed to industrial specifications, and easy to deploy. Engineered and Designed with heights up to 150′. LMS specializes in high-quality trailer mounted flares.

We offer 24/7 support for all of our products. Or you can quickly call us at (360) 474-8991 to find out how to order just the right mobile flare tower that matches your needs.


Mobile Flare Options


  • Custom-built uop c/h waste gas flare, 1 1/2 pipe size
  • Hei pilot, supplied by on-site waste gas
  • Hei switch, 120 volts with thermocouple
  • Custom-built LMS control panel with HMI controls
  • Valvetrain consisting of a 1-1″ strainer, 1-1″ valve, 1- 3/4″ regulator, w / pressure gauge
  • High temp flex pipe
  • 48″ steel storage reel to store tube
  • Five different burn nozzles included for various burn-off
  • Control box integration
  • Telescopic outriggers for added stability
  • Towers equipped with electric winch kit
  • Battery box with charger
  • 60 amp panel built-in
  • Leviton outlet box
  • Midget louver-rds
  • Trailer is fully self-contained including propane tanks for pilot operation, or existing burn fuel option.
  • Overseas shipments units thoroughly sprayed coated with a protective removable coating

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