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Pneumatic Mast | Portable Mobile Pneumatic Mast Tower - L.M.S


Landa Mobile Systems LLC Pnuematic Mast

 Sometimes you need solid lattice, and occasionally you can use pneumatics. This is the LMS Pneumatic product line. With ASTM A500 Grade B/C Carbon Steel schedule 40. This is the sturdy tower that comes in a convenient package. Where all you need to do is load it with your video or telecommunications equipment, pump it up and operate. Also, this is a more straightforward tower to put up when you don’t need to lift heavy weight for telecommunication or Video equipment. Usable in a variety of environments, and able to withstand pretty harsh weather conditions. This pneumatic tower is an excellent alternative to taking a whole trailer to a location, especially if you don’t need it to be heavy duty. The great thing is, due to the material and construction, you can count on it as if it were.

Check out some of the specifications below before looking at each version of our pneumatic mast line.

LMS Mobile Pnuematic Masts

Paint Options / Choice of Color

  • Polyurethane
  • Complete trailer primed with inorganic zinc conforming to MDDOD-P-23236A, Coated with an epoxy polyamide coat conforming to MS MILL-P2441 formula 150 and urethane top coat conforming L-P MS MILL-C-85285. All tower assembly hardware is galvanized or Eco HCF green coated for stand alone corrosion resistance.

Dave Cunnly - Tower Solutions - Detroit, MI

Great Rapid Deployment Unit "RDU" Lightweight easy to tow fast and easy to set-up. Thanks, Landa Mobile Systems LLC.

Pnuemetic Mast Command Centers

The main body of the tower scanned utilizing the commercially available software tnx Tower version (previously known as RISA Tower & ERI Tower). They are constructed with ASTM A500, Grade B/C Carbon steel schedule 40, (exceeding the minimum of 55.3 KSI ASTM) standards yield strength. In building the complete tower assembly, solid rod cross bracing with hand back-filled welds are incorporated on the whole tower. “Not machine applied spot weld like other manufacturers.” 

“We do not use HSS ASTM DOM 1026 Alloy/A513 Mechanical tubing as some other manufactures. Its a hazard and NOT Structural pipe, but brittle steel, not a pre-approved material for structures (should not be used for load-bearing). Not pre-approved for welding (needs unique welding materials and process or welds will be EXTREMELY brittle) In short mechanical tubing is not for structural applications. Buy from a reputable patented OEM with the years of experience.

Call today, find out more about our pnuematic mast solutions. We have fabricated alot of these items and would be happy to go over your options with you. I am positive we have more then one solution that will fit your projects needs. +1(360) 474-8991.

Cellular Communications Shelter by Landa Mobile Systems LLC




  • Custom flat bed design
  • Diamond plate 11 gauge decking
  • Waterfall deck edges giving 400% more stability
  • 6″ channel heavy duty off road construction
  • Deck, w/ added support under mast
  • 3″ channel cross members on 16″ centers
  • 4 ea weld on d-rings on each corner of the  trailer
  • Electrical components bonded to frame for system grounding
  • Dual axles
  • Linex sprayed deck
  • 6 ea 15″ wheels and tires
  • 6 hole adjustable coupler channel w/removable 2 5/16″ ball hitch, opt/pintle
  • 7 pin rv-type connector
  • 2 ea  safety chains
  • 4 ea stabilizer 5000 lb jacks
  • Battery breakaway
  • Flashing emergency lights
  • Full size spare tire
  • Emergency trailer breakaway device
  • 2 ea two hole 1/0 ground lugs
  • Dot and transport canada led lighting package and reflective tape
  • Deployed  footprint 20′ x 8’ when fully deployed
  • 4 ea bubble type trailer level guides
  • Galvanized and powder coated wheels
  • Epoxy finish
  • 6′ x 7′ service platform for tower maintenance
  • Platform access ladder
  • Us dot and canadian certified w/ led lighting
  • On board air compressor in locked box
  • High wind all terrain off-road applications
  • Mill spec anti corrosion finish: full trailer primed with inorganic zinc conforming to mddod-p-23236 a. Coated with an epoxy poly-amide option
  • Mil-std 209k trailer tie-down and lifting lugs
  • Overseas shipment option:  units are completely sprayed coated to prevent corrosion
  • Military designed to meet most military environmental and transport applications
  • Theft proof cable storage reel, optional electric, multiple reels, split reels and handles

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