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Climber Training Towers | Stationary or Hinged Base Towers - L.M.S


Climber Trainer Towers

Trusted and proven climber training towers for serious climber and rescue training. Deployed in many schools and universities, IBEW, Iron Workers, Iron Workers Union, Xerex Inc, IBEW Local 1, University of Tennessee, American Venture Construction and Parsons, to name a few. Solid rod backfilled welds designed never to break under training loads. Built tough and designed to take the daily impact of safety training school climbing. Landa requires all Climber Training Towers equipped with safety climb under OSHA requirements.

  • Climbing Device Step bolts 1′ above the base to the top of the monopole.
  • Safety Climb system included wire rope for grab not included, platforms per client request.
  • Mobile Training units available in a lattice design and monopole with various sized decks.
  • Custom railing, mounts, steps and safety climbs
  • Custom-built training towers to your height Monopole training tower 20′
  • Towers have option step bolts on two of the three legs

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