Rapid Deployable Units

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Rapid Deployable Units are infrastructures transportable on trucks or trailers, allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. Their use is strategic for the rapid expansion of cellular networks putting into service point-to-point radio connections. Therefore, acting in support of sudden increases in radio or mobile data traffic in cases of extraordinary events such as (trade fairs, sports events, and concerts, political events, emergencies, catastrophic events, etc.).

Mobile cell sites are also used by fire departments and law enforcement organizations to gather intelligence or to communicate with there personel. Mobile cell sites require neither civil works nor foundations, just minimal requirements like commercial power and grounding. These mobile units have been designed to be a temporary or permanent solution.

An engineering team may be able to place a COW on location to provide immediate coverage with lower costs other than leasing, electricity, and backhaul. The decision to use a COW for an extended time may also be driven by a property owner. Installations on government or military facilities may be granted only temporarily to a permanent basis and may require the use of COWS to facilitate either surveillance, radio, and data communications.

Different Types of Mobile Cell Sites

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Low Profile Rapid Deployment Units (RDU)

Low Profile RDUs are mobile Radio/Cellular base stations on transportable trucks or trailers. Their use is strategic for the rapid expansion of cellular networks allowing fast and easy installation in restricted spaces. The antenna a self-supporting tower, with man-rated optional climber assist helps the installer to climb the summit, is fixed to the main base frame and is composed of (4 outriggers) leveling jacks, outriggers integrated into the trailer by 4-8 sets of guyed wires with a standard height of 65′ – 250′. The lattice tower mobile cellular station, installable in one hour or less, does not require civil works or foundations and is completed with lateral ballast concrete weights and a working trailer deck platform made from solid steel.

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Mobile Command Centers

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Mobile Command Centers

Our Mobile Command Center is an integrated mobile radio base station RDU (Rapid Deployment Unit) in which the equipment shelter sizes range from 10′ to 20′ in size. The shelter is equipped to contain all the site’s infrastructure, assembly accessories, radiant systems, storage batteries, electrical, HVAC, and radio equipment. It is a structure that can be quickly and easily transported and comes pre-assembled off-site or on, without the need for civil works or foundations and suitable for any environment — complying with all Federal and State fire codes while adding compliance in all 50 States and Canada.

With your choice of exterior finish.

  • White color
  • Sand color
  • contact us with your pain option
  • Gravel Finish
  • Bullet Proofing

Rapid-Deployment Unit (RDU)

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DOT Approved telescopic Mast Rapid-Deployment Unit (RDU) radio repeaters is a mast trailer which allows for easy and fast erection in restricted sites in minutes. The antenna supporting structure supplied complete with optional custom climber mounts, leveling jacks and outriggers attached to the steelwork base frame, is a pneumatic mast mobile tower composed by tubular flanged sections with heights ranging from 35ft-150ft. 

Landa Mobile Systems LLC delivers custom Disaster Relief & Emergency Management radio repeater trailers nationwide. click below for trailer types we can build for pick-up or delivery.

You’ve got options when it comes to your trailer design: every custom radio repeater build you see here can be designed with the color, flooring, heating/AC, windows, generator, etc. that you specify.

Cell on Wheels (COW)

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A cell on wheels (COW) are telecom infrastructures, placed on a trailer DOT approved for road use, can be towed by a 1-ton pickup truck. These mobile cellular systems guarantee full operation in just hours and are operatable in restricted spaces. COWs provide communications service to areas affected by natural disasters or regions with large user volume, such as significant events. The backhaul to the network can be via terrestrial microwave, a communication satellite, or existing wired infrastructure.

(MFT) Mobile Flare Tower

(RDU) Rapid Deployable Units

(MFT) Mobile Flare Tower is a mobile data station with a mast, they are portable trailer structures, towed by light vehicles for loads of

  • GVWR is 7000 lbs
  • Trailer weighs 3605 lbs
  • Usable Weight 3395 lbs
  • Wind rating 105 MPH

The antenna and crank up mast supporting pole, with a standard height ranges to 72′ with optional extensions, steel crank up telescopic mast, is made of steel and consists of two telescopic tubular elements. Installation is easy, fast and is carried out with manual or electric winches.

(SOW) Sites on Wheels

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(SOW) Sites on Wheels with a pneumatic pole design are cellular support structures composed of an exclusive rapid deployment self-mounted pole is a mobile supporting structure that corresponds to a special two-axle trailer with telescopic stabilizers/outriggers approved by DOT for road traffic. The antenna or pneumatic supporting pole, with standard heights 35′ to 150′, is made of aluminum and consists of three to nine telescopic tubular elements. Making tower erection fast and easy, and is carried out within minutes.

High Wind Mobile Tower (RDU)

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High Wind Mobile Tower (RDU) is a mobile cell site with a self-mounting lattice tower; that can be towed by heavy vehicles for loads of up to 5000 lbs. The antenna self-supporting tower, with a standard height of up to 250′, is made of steel that is hot-dipped and galvanized and consists of three to nine square elements. Installation is easy, fast and is carried out by optional remote-controlled operation systems. These units are usually purchased by the Gulf-Coast States or eastern seaboard regions due to their fast ability for retraction and erection time in under 15 minutes. Currently deployed in the Bahamas with the Bahamian Government and the Dominican Republic. Due to the frequency of Huricanes in the region.

Expanded or emergency service use of RDU’s and COW’s History.

COWs are used to provide expanded cellular network coverage and/or capacity for short-term demands, such as at special events such as major sporting events (super bowl, world series, and nascar), major conventions , or in disaster areas where radio communications or cellular coverage either was minimal, remote or never present (e.g., in a wilderness area where firefighters have set up a command center during a major forest fire ) or was compromised by the disaster (e.g., in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Mathew).

In January 2017 additional COWs, both temporary and permanent, have been installed at the National Mall for the inauguration of Donald Trump as well as for future inaugurations and other events due to the steady rise in LTE -based smartphones and other devices in the latter half of the 2010s.

Following the September 11 attacks on New York City in 2001, over 36 cellular COWs were deployed by September 14, 2001, in Lower Manhattan to support the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and provided critical cell phone service to rescue and recovery workers.

Many telecommunications companies also use COWs for long-term placement when financing or infrastructure considerations prevent building a permanent site at the location. For instance, a carrier may have approved the placement of a cell site for coverage reasons, but the remaining budget is inadequate to fund the construction for a fiscal quarter or even longer.

About Landa Mobile Systems LLC

All COWS – Cell On Wheels are designed with a low platform deck to accommodate you and our equipment and/ or equipment cabinets. Standard features include our DOT approved trailer “Manufactured by Landa Mobile Systems LLC”, low height easy boarding deck with integrated step, Diamond plate 11 Gauge Decking to easily accommodate mounting of all equipment requirements, fully hot-dipped and galvanized tower finish, crow’s nest mast support and working platform per OSHA standards, outriggers, storage cabinets/boxes,shelters, generators, and a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic masts options.

Our Cows – Cellular On Wheels are coated per military-standard paint codes adding a full-compliment of weather element resistance. To accommodate either desert or arctic environments.

  • Polyurethane
  • Complete trailer primed with inorganic zinc conforming to MDDOD-P-23236A, Coated with an epoxy polyamide coat conforming to MS MILL-P2441 formula 150 and urethane topcoat conforming L-P MS MILL-C-85285. All tower assembly hardware is galvanized or eco HCF green coated for stand-alone corrosion resistance.

Our COWS – cell site on wheels are configurable with many options to accommodate project requirements. Please contact us for full specifications. Custom configurations available with options and accessories. Not only do we plan it, build it, and sell it, we stand behind it. With our manufactures and lifetime warranties. Call now and speak with a our manufacturing specialists to learn more about how a landa mobile systems llc COW will benefit your company.

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