Mobile Tower Rental

Growing Demand

With the growing data demands, the coverage of towers is shrinking. As a result, more mobile towers will be needed to meet the requirements. Telecommunication companies will need to double their towers to meet the growing data demands of cellular customers in the world. Landa is the fastest growing tower company in the U.S.A.

, Landa Mobile Systems LLC
, Landa Mobile Systems LLC

Increased Coverage

While you may think that telecommunication companies have enough towers and there’s no need to build more mobile towers, but in actuality, mainly due to growing data needs, the coverage of towers will keep shrinking. Hence Landa’s need for towers will keep growing.

Remote Data Cellular Solution

Providing up to 100 Mb x 12 Mb of internet access using the new gen-5 satellite and up to 4 dishes can be set up for a combined bandwidth of up to 100 Mb x 12 Mb of internet service. Coupled with a high-powered WiFi backup solution that offers four 90° sectors antennas with 2-watt radios per antenna.

Landa uses a high-powered cellular repeater with Yagi antennas. It acts as a backhaul to connect to a cell tower up to 25 miles away to provide service locally.  Solutions run simultaneously with auto fail-over and can set up in a matter of minutes. Therefore, a correct remote data solution for all your WiFi and voice needs. This solution can also be outfit with solar power as well for real remote deployments.

Our Rental Providers

United States Tower Rental Providers

Canadian Tower Rental Providers

Landa Mobile Systems offers a mobile tower rental program with partners providing monthly, annual, or reserve leases options with our portable towers sized at 20 ft / 6m through 150ft / 47m worldwide. Our contractors only rent Landa Mobile Products, and we have never had a failure in the history of our company, Crews available for immediate delivery and setup nationwide and Canada. LMS is concerned about your happiness and success in the rental program. Integrity is paramount to us.