What is a C.o.w. (Cell on Wheels)

The word C.O.W. Is a common phrase in the telecom industry to stand for “cell on wheels.” The cell on wheels is a mobile cell site that includes a tower, Transceiver, and shelter. Which carries the necessary radio equipment inside of the structure. Installed within the shelter is power, cooling, and accessories needed for set-up of the base station. A Cell on wheels Is engineered, planned, and designed on a trailer or truck frame. Unlike standard towers, a cell on wheels tower is highly portable and constructed at a short-term notice in urban or remote areas. These mobile towers are used to create radio or 5g data networks for a brief period, during an emergency, a political event, or until a more permanent solution arises. While there are many sizes of C.O.T each designed for rapid deployment and versatility. Furthermore, Including antenna access, added strength, or added stability.

The smaller cellular on wheels version sits on trailers pulled by a heavy-duty truck, or standard pick-up. Whereas, the more significant versions of a cell on wheel platform requires a Class A CDL, or Class B truck to deliver it to its site. The larger versions of the cell on wheels allow for a larger tower, equipment storage, and more power. While the smaller versions of the cell on wheels remain easy for installation or relocation without as much planning or staff required.

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U.S Government Navy Aquisition Rules Testing

 I would recommend this cellular on wheels tower for anyone, commercial or government.”

The cell on wheels is the most reliable networking system of portable cell site on wheels

A C.O.W “Cell on Wheels” mobile tower becomes granted when there is a need for strong cell signals, either for a temporary or long a term basis. Emergency disaster relief for networks after a major storm or flood are common applications. If a standard cell tower becomes damaged and requires repair, using a Cell on wheels becomes the right choice. However, use of these towers are granted during large occasions such as New Years Celebrations or the Super Bowl, a big political event, or a large parade, fair, or festival. Furthermore, a cellular on wheels tower can provide a temporary data connection “point to point” when a standard tower construction completion. While a building process is not always the solution to enough to keep up with consumers needs a Cell Tower on Wheels makes a perfect choice to fill the data gap while cell-site construction proceeds.

The cell on wheels is the most reliable networking system of portable cell site on wheels

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