What is a Mobile Cell Tower

Mobile cell towers are highly portable cell site, communications and surveillance towers

Mobile Cell Tower or M.C.T. is a common acronym used in the cellular teleco industry. The M.C.T. is a mobile cell site that includes a tower, transceiver as well as all other necessary equipment. They are carefully built on a trailer or heavy-duty truck. Unlike standard towers, mobile surveillance towers are highly portable and are used on a short-term basis or a permanent solution. However, a high-quality system may be constructed for more extended period. These towers are usually used to boost a cellular data network for a brief period, during an emergency, a big event, or while a full tower becomes available.


There are many sizes of mobile cell towers, each designed for different needs, including lighting, surveillance, microwave, and rapid repeater radio communications. The smallest versions sit on trailers that can be pulled by a standard truck, whereas the larger versions of an Mobile cell towers require a heavy-duty truck to haul the tower to its destination. The larger versions allow for a more robust tower with more power, while the smaller versions are easier to add or relocate without much planning.

Mobile cell towers are highly portable cell site, communications and surveillance towers


A portable mobile towers is required when there is a need for a stronger cellular network. In situations as emergency use after a major storm or a flood. Moreso, If a standard tower becomes damaged and requires repair. Using a mobile cell towers makes sense, from a practical standpoint. Nevertheless, cell sites become deployed during significant events such as the world series, political event, parade or festival. Bringing the network to sustainable levels while the extra data coverage is needed. A mobile cell site provides network assistance while a standard tower is construction. In which, the server process isn’t always fast enough to keep up with data network demands for area data usage, hence the need for a communications tower.

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